Hello babe, 

I hope you are very well!

I want to thank you for choosing us as one of your swimwear brands! And we are very happy that you could take the opportunity to buy some of our pieces at a discount.

Did you know that all our bikinis are completely handmade? Yes, they are made by hand by mothers who are dedicated to knitting each bikini point by point, which makes the manufacturing process a bit slow.

In this season of discounts we sold more than expected, it is the reason why we are contacting you to inform you that your order is going to be delayed and that it may take between 25/30 days for you to receive a shipping confirmation.

Rest assured that we are giving our best so that you can have your bikini on time. It will definitely be worth the wait!

We ship from Venezuela to our warehouse in the USA once it reaches the warehouse, it is dispatched to your address.

If you are one of the girls who asked for a custom bikini, this may take a little longer than said above, since the bikini is being made especially for you and like you there are many other girls waiting.

All that said, I hope you can understand us.

We are the most interested in your bikini arriving on time.

Thanks for your patience and waiting.

I send you a big kiss!


Best regards,

Marian Yalile